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Get Your Geek On: Doctor Who-Inspired Cross-Stitch Valentines

Get Your Geek On: Doctor Who-Inspired Cross-Stitch Valentines

Having an “Oh @#$%, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow!” moment? Love a geek? I’ve got you covered with these Doctor Who-inspired cross-stitch valentines. Read more

Pattern: Doctor Who-Inspired Time Lord Cross-Stitch Valentine

Pattern: Doctor Who-Inspired Time Lord Cross-Stitch Valentine

Looking for the perfect DIY card for that special Time Lord or Time Lady? Stitch up your own Doctor Who-inspired Time Lord cross-stitch valentine with… Read more

Printable: Watercolor Crochet Stitch Wall Art | The Zen of Making

Printable: Watercolor Crochet Stitch Wall Art

I’ve always loved the look of DIY-related illustrations, especially the ones in yarn crafting and embroidery books. So, last week, on the heels of a… Read more

wine cork button stamp

Tutorial: Wine Cork Button Stamp

Crafts and booze? What could be better?! Imbibe, then get your make on with this quick and easy wine cork button stamp tutorial. Supplies: *… Read more

Pattern: Dalek Cross-Stitch Valentine

Pattern: Dalek Cross-Stitch Valentine

Hello once again, geeky valentines! Need a last-minute card for your favorite companion? Skip the sappy stuff and get straight to the point with my… Read more

Election Day Bonus Craft: Mini “Vote” Bunting

☆ Happy Election Day, fellow crafty Americans! Now, get thee to the polls! ☆ Bonus Election Day craft: Just in case you’re in need of… Read more

Tutorial: Sewing Awl Bookbinding

Every crafter needs a good notebook on hand for jotting down ideas and planning projects, but did you know that it’s really easy to make… Read more

Tutorial: Embroidered Typography Wall Art

I stitched this piece of embroidered typography wall art for my graphic designer husband as a gift for our third anniversary. (It was yesterday! Hooray!)… Read more

Tutorial: Embroidered Needle Case with Scrapbooking Attitude

I’m not usually a scrapbooker, but when I saw Scrapbooking Attitude printable film, I knew it had huge creative potential—even for non-paper crafters! I wanted… Read more

Tutorial: Colorful Bunting Greeting Card for

My bunting card tutorial is now on CRAFT: Project: Colorful Bunting Card for Any Occasion. Send out some DIY smiles—any excuse will do! Project: Colorful… Read more

Craft Tip: 4 Ways to Cross-Stitch Stamp on Fabric

In addition to paper crafting, did you know that you can use your mini cross-stitch stamp to print on fabric too? In this post, I’ll… Read more

Craft Tip: Perfect Cross-Stitch Stamp Placement

You’ve carved your cross-stitch stamp, so now it’s time to learn how to position those stamped stitches. My method for perfect cross-stitch stamp placement for… Read more

Tutorial: Mini Chain Stitch Stamp

The second stitch in my embroidery stitch stamp series is chain stitch! Carve your own mini chain stitch stamp to add pretty borders and textures… Read more

Tutorial: Mini Cross-Stitch Stamp

Like to get stitchy? Carve your own mini cross-stitch stamp, and add a touch of cross-stitch inspired design to your favorite paper and fabric crafts!… Read more

Tutorial: Painted TARDIS Keys

Turn your house keys into a geeky work of art with this Doctor Who-inspired painted TARDIS key tutorial! Painted keys are way more fun than… Read more

Tutorial: Embroidered Shrink Plastic Pendants

Create your own custom embroidered pendants with shrink plastic! This tutorial below will show you how to make one embroidered shrink plastic pendant necklace. The… Read more

Tutorial: Downton Abbey-Inspired “Team Dowager” Badge

When it comes to Downton Abbey, I stand firmly on Team Dowager. From the very first episode, I have been utterly smitten with Dame Maggie… Read more

Pattern: TARDIS Cross-Stitch Valentine

Hello, geeky valentines! Need a last-minute card for that special someone? Surprise your favorite, er, companion by stitching a quick Doctor Who-inspired valentine with my… Read more

Tutorial: Sewing Kit Valentine Card

Last week, I shared a Valentine’s Day paper craft made especially for sewing geeks over on CRAFT!Project: Sewing Kit Valentines CardGet cute and crafty this… Read more

Tutorial: Sewable Shrink Plastic Buttons

Did you know that you can make your own custom plastic buttons for just about any project, any time you need them, and for super… Read more

Tutorial: Cardboard Cat Rocket for

My cat rocket tutorial, How-To: Build a Cardboard Cat Rocket, is now up on CRAFT! How-To: Build a Cardboard Cat RocketNo matter how many fancy… Read more

Free Beer Glass Greeting Card Template for Silhouette SD

My friend Sammy is getting married. But, as she lives in Chicago and I live in Brooklyn—and nobody has gotten around to inventing a teleportation… Read more