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Tutorial: Mini Cross-Stitch Stamp

Like to get stitchy? Carve your own mini cross-stitch stamp, and add a touch of cross-stitch inspired design to your favorite paper and fabric crafts!

* Speedy-Carve block or a large, flat eraser
* Graph paper, 4 squares per inch
* Mini wooden spool
* E-6000 adhesive

* Speedball Stamp Making Kit or stamp carving tool with both a wide and a fine u-shaped gouge
* Pencil
* Ruler
* Craft knife

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Step 1
Using a ruler, draw an X in one square on the graph paper, connecting diagonal corners. Go over your lines several times to make sure that they’re nice and dark.

Step 2
With a craft knife, cut a 1″ x 1″ piece from the carving block.

Step 3
Place the graph paper onto the piece of carving block with the drawing side facing down, then carefully rub your thumbnail over the drawing several times to transfer the markings. When you pick up the graph paper, the X shape should now appear on the carving block.

Step 4
To get the block ready for carving, use a carving tool with a wide u-shaped gouge to remove excess material around the X shape. Make long, straight lines until you’ve removed around an 1/8″ or so of material from around the shape. (Don’t get too close to the X just yet—the detail work will be done with a fine u-shaped gouge in the next step.)

Step 5
Next, use a fine u-shaped gouge to carefully carve away the material around the X. Remember to go slowly—one slip of the gouge, and your X might turn into a Y!

Tip: Always carve away from yourself and away from the shape.

Step 6
Once you’ve completed your carving, test out the stamp to make sure it looks right.

If it does, it’s time to mount the stamp. If not, spend a little more time working with the carving tool.

Step 7
To prepare the stamp for mounting, use a craft knife to trim away the excess material from around the edges of the X shape.

Step 8
Add a dab of E-6000 adhesive to the back of the stamp to mount it onto a mini wooden spool. (Since the stamp is so small, the spool works as a handle, which gives you more control over the placement of your marks.)

Once the adhesive is dry, you’re done. Have fun faux-stitching your way through your next project!

Which stitch do you think I should make next? Straight stitch? Feather stitch? I’m completely overwhelmed by embroidery options!

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  1. Savanah says:

    This is hardcore adorable, but I must say when I first saw the thumbnail of the first photo I thought to spool was a guinea pig. So now I’m starting a petition for all your photos to include guinea pigs ;P

  2. Meygan says:

    This is a great idea and art as well.. Actually, there are things I am thinking right now after I saw this one.. Thanks for the idea!

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