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Sunday Snapshot: Tools and High Heels | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshot: Tools and High Heels

Yesterday’s shopping trip: Dremel accessories and high heels. What can I say? I’m a gal of many interests. (And, really, who could resist such a cute pair of 1940s-style shoes and a sale at the hardware store?!) How about you? What weird combinations can be found in your shopping cart? **Please note that the link …

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Tutorial: Canvas Shoe Kitty Patch | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Canvas Shoe Kitty Patch

Last Wednesday, I was crossing the street and didn’t notice that a misshapen piece of metal was lying in the crosswalk ahead of me. Of course, I stepped on it, causing it to swing around and slice a clean, angular hole in the top of one of my brand new TOMS. (Ugh.) So, since I …

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DIY-ing the Emmys: Red Carpet Handmade | Red-Handled Scissors

DIY-ing the Emmys: Red Carpet Handmade

This year, when Jeremy got nominated, I got crafty. I considered it the ultimate handmade challenge to bring DIY to the red carpet in a totally workable way. (In retrospect, it was probably an ill-advised challenge, considering I had about a month to get it all done!) So, with the help of some amazingly talented …

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Sunday Snapshot: Mother's Day Hello Kitty Shoes | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshot: Mother’s Day Hello Kitty Shoes

My mom loves Hello Kitty. So, last time I was in Michigan, I absconded with her pink Chuck Taylors so I could give them a little Mother’s Day makeover. I really wish I could be there when she opens them! In other Mother’s Day news, the garden aprons were also well-received. My step-mom likes hers …

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