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Monday Snapshot: Yes, That’s an Emmy Wearing a Pussyhat!

Monday Snapshot: Yes, That's an Emmy Wearing a Pussyhat!

And so, dear readers, I did the only reasonable thing. I made the Emmy a pussyhat.

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DIY-ing the Emmys: Red Carpet Handmade

This year, when Jeremy got nominated, I got crafty. I considered it the ultimate handmade challenge to bring DIY to the red carpet in a totally workable way. (In retrospect, it was probably an ill-advised challenge, considering I had about a month to get it all done!) So, with the help of some amazingly talented friends (*cough*Vicki O’Dell*cough*), I set about making the dress, the accessories, and the shoes for me, and the bow tie and the pocket square for Jeremy.

I documented the whole process for CRAFT, including tutorials for making a crocheted lace handbag, a bow tie, and a pocket square. So, if you’ve got some black tie in your future, here’s how to get handmade all up in it!

CRAFT Emmy Post #1: DIY-ing the Emmys: The Gown, Shoes and Accessories


• The dress. Good lord, the dress.

• Links to jewelry tips and tricks from Vicki O’Dell, the fabulous designer of my Emmy necklace.

• Downloadable mini-pattern for a crocheted linen lace handbag.

CRAFT Emmy Post #2: DIY-ing the Emmys: The Bow Tie and Pocket Square


• Downloadable bow tie pattern and tutorial—perfect for black tie or nerdy goodness!

• Hand-sewn pocket square tutorial with rolled hem diagram.

For those of you who would just like to see the darn pictures already, here’s a little Emmy Album:


Sunday Snapshot: Emmy MythBuster High Five

Last night at the Creative Arts Emmy Ball, my main goal for the evening was to find and high five MythBuster (and fellow maker of things) Adam Savage. Not only did I manage to track him down, but he totally played along. Geeky makers, unite!


Sunday Snapshot: Crocheted Lace Emmy Clutch

I had no idea how much trouble I was getting into when I selected lace-weight linen yarn for my clutch for the Emmys. Getting started was EXTREMELY slow going. But, if I manage to pull it off, I think my handbag is going to be absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what it looks like lined, and with the beautiful wooden handles that I picked up at Purl Soho attached!