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Tutorial: Canvas Shoe Kitty Patch | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Canvas Shoe Kitty Patch

Last Wednesday, I was crossing the street and didn’t notice that a misshapen piece of metal was lying in the crosswalk ahead of me. Of course, I stepped on it, causing it to swing around and slice a clean, angular hole in the top of one of my brand new TOMS. (Ugh.) So, since I …

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Tutorial: Simple Pants Hemming | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Simple Pants Hemming

Contrary to popular opinion, hemming pants can be spectacularly easy, and doesn’t need to involve cutting of any kind. This tutorial started out as a list of instructions for my friend Katy–who took me up on a recent boast that I could teach her how to hem a pair of pants over the internet–but I …

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