Jewelry Tutorials

Tutorial: Resin Thread Spool Bracelet | The Zen of Making

Tutorial: Resin Thread Spool Bracelet

On my desk sat a jar of mini wooden thread spools, a jewelry resin kit, and a huge list of other projects that I was… Read more

Tutorial: Resin Sewing Thread and Embroidery Floss Pendants | The Zen of Making

Tutorial: Resin Sewing Thread and Embroidery Floss Pendants

I am a deeply practical woman in most areas of my life, but sewing thread just isn’t one of them. When it comes to beautiful… Read more

Tutorial: Mini Hexie Necklace | The Zen of Making

Tutorial: Mini Hexie Necklace

Attention quilting geeks: You need an adorable mini hexie necklace, right? (Of course you do!) Turn 10 teeny tiny ¼" hexies into a sewing-inspired fashion… Read more

Tutorial: Measuring Tape Bracelet

I have a confession to make: I am completely, hopelessly obsessed with sewing notions. No matter how many I have, every time I go to… Read more

Tutorial: Mini Crocheted Snowflake Necklace

Handy with a steel crochet hook? Add some teeny tiny holiday cheer to your wardrobe with this mini crocheted snowflake necklace pattern and tutorial! They’re… Read more

Tutorial: Washi Tape Barrettes

Love washi tape? Turn your collection into fun, colorful barrettes with this washi tape barrette tutorial! Paper tape barrettes easy to make, and they’re the… Read more

Tutorial: Living Air Plant Brooch for

My air plant brooch tutorial is now on CRAFT: Project: Living Air Plant Brooch. Hooray for wearable air plants! Project: Living Air Plant Brooch From… Read more

Tutorial: Shrink Plastic Nerd Glasses Pendant

Display your geek pride to the world! Make your own shrink plastic nerd glasses pendant with my free printable PDF pattern and tutorial. Supplies: *… Read more

Tutorial: Wooden Spool Earrings

Sewing geeks, represent: Enhance your crafty fashion cred with a pair of wooden thread spool earrings made with real mini spools! Wooden spool earrings are… Read more

Tutorial: Ribbon Bow Hair Clips

Got five minutes and a roll of ribbon? Make a cute set of ribbon bow hair clips with this quick and simple tutorial! Supplies: *… Read more

Tutorial: Faux Turquoise Polymer Clay Beaded Necklace

Love the turquoise trend? Bake up some big, bold faux turquoise polymer clay beads and create your own stylish summer statement necklace! Supplies: * Polymer… Read more

Tutorial: Embroidered Shrink Plastic Pendants

Create your own custom embroidered pendants with shrink plastic! This tutorial below will show you how to make one embroidered shrink plastic pendant necklace. The… Read more

Tutorial: Scissor Holder Necklace with Removable Pincushion

Keep your scissors within reach with this super-easy scissor holder necklace with removable pincushion!This scissor holder necklace is made using only common craft room supplies,… Read more

terrarium fascinator

Tutorial: Make a Terrarium Fascinator with Your Own Hair

Terrariums are hot these days, and human hair is one of the best growing mediums around for mosses and certain varieties of carnivorous plants. So,… Read more

Tutorial: Mini Dalek Brooch for FaveCrafts

You know how former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright used to use her brooch collection to express her moods and positions while she was… Read more

Tutorial: Sewable Shrink Plastic Buttons

Did you know that you can make your own custom plastic buttons for just about any project, any time you need them, and for super… Read more

Tutorial: Fabric Rosette Barrette

Do you have fabric scraps and 5 minutes? You can make your own rosette barrettes, no sewing machine (or fabric know-how) necessary!Moms out there, take… Read more