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Tutorial: Mini Cross-Stitch Stamp | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Mini Cross-Stitch Stamp

Like to get stitchy? Carve your own mini cross-stitch stamp, and add a touch of cross-stitch inspired design to your favorite paper and fabric crafts! Supplies: * Speedy-Carve block or a large, flat eraser * Graph paper, 4 squares per inch * Mini wooden spool * E-6000 adhesive Tools: * Speedball Stamp Making Kit or …

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Friends with Stamps | Red-Handled Scissors

Friends with Stamps

Reason number 5,437 why crafters are the best: In the past couple of months, I have received not one, but two packages containing hand-carved stamps from friends who simply felt like making me something awesome. How cool is that?! In a random act of National Crafting Month kindness, Jenny from Craft Test Dummies sent me …

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Friday Internet Crushes: Everything in Its Place | Red-Handled Scissors

Friday Internet Crushes: Everything in Its Place

Art Supply Pouch Tutorial from Chez Beeper Babe Photo care of http://chezbeeperbebe.blogspot.com/ I love dedicated containers. Put a pouch in front of me with a picture of what’s supposed to go inside, and I’m all yours! (Now, go check out the tutorial on Whip Up.) Found Goodness from Knack Photo care of http://knackstudios.blogspot.com/ How do …

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