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Friday Internet Crushes: Everything in Its Place

Art Supply Pouch Tutorial from Chez Beeper Babe

Friday Internet Crushes: Everything in Its Place | Red-Handled Scissors
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I love dedicated containers. Put a pouch in front of me with a picture of what’s supposed to go inside, and I’m all yours! (Now, go check out the tutorial on Whip Up.)

Found Goodness from Knack

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How do I not have one of these? I’m such a sucker for things that are properly labeled. *sigh*

Dry Erase Shopping List Tutorial Guest Posted by Madigan Made at The CSI Project

Photo care of http://thecsiproject.com/ and http://madiganmade.blogspot.com/

I’m loving this idea! I’d have to make the lines a little closer together, though. My grocery list is a tiny bit out of control. I can also think of several other places beyond the kitchen where one of these would fit right in. (Hello, craft supply list. How do ya do, ongoing project board?)

Check out The CSI Project and Madigan Made for more crafty goodness.

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