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Friends with Stamps

Reason number 5,437 why crafters are the best: In the past couple of months, I have received not one, but two packages containing hand-carved stamps from friends who simply felt like making me something awesome. How cool is that?!

In a random act of National Crafting Month kindness, Jenny from Craft Test Dummies sent me this amazing TZoM logo stamp. It’s absolutely perfect, and I kind of want to stamp everything I own. (Thank you, Jenny!)

Rachel from Average Jane Crafter created this piece of granny glasses-related brilliance. When it showed up in my mailbox last month, my head nearly exploded from the awesomeness. She made a stamp! Of my glasses!

I feel some serious TZoM-themed stationery coming on, don’t you?

Now, who has a link to a good stamp cleaning tutorial to send my way?


  1. Yaaaaaay! So glad you like it. And the one of your logo that Jenny did – FLIPPIN' BRILLIANT! 

    (looks like I missed a spot, carving. Feel free to hack that off with an Xacto :) 

    And ditto the comment about baby wipes. The best for everything! You can also use washable markers to color the stamp, instead of ink pads. Lots of pretty colors, and it makes it easy to have multiple-color stamps. :) 

  2. Christine D says:

    Just lovely and how sweet of them to send them to you.  They came out AWESOMELY BRILLIANT and perfect!! I'm kind of scared to make stamps…last time I made …tried to make some was umm when I was in Girl Scouts and accidentally gouged my hand with the carver..so I will look in awe in the sidelines for this one :)

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