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Vegan Airport Food?! | Red-Handled Scissors

Vegan Airport Food?!

I’m sitting at LGA waiting for a flight that was delayed for just long enough to make me antsy. This is my third flight in a little over a week, and I’m tired, grouchy, and hungry. Did I mention that I’m HUNGRY? If you’re vegan and you travel regularly, it’s no secret that, despite the …

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Friday Internet Crushes: Piebird Vegan Pie Crust Baking Class (With Goats!)

Video care of http://www.piebird.ca/baking/ This week, Yan from Piebird Bed & Breakfast sent me a lovely note and a link to this adorable baking video. Try not to smile and laugh out loud while you watch this—I dare you!! Also, did I mention that Piebird is a VEGETARIAN bed & breakfast, and that it looks …

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Vegan Christmas Cookies with Royal Icing | Red-Handled Scissors

Vegan Christmas Cookies with Royal Icing

Remember when you were a little kid, and you used to run into grandma’s house during the holidays—knocking cousin Wendel out of the way—and go straight for the huge plate of Christmas cookies, complete with that delicious hard icing shell?  Wish you could figure out how to do that now, but without all those eggs? …

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Vegan Cupcake Baking Lessons | Red-Handled Scissors

Vegan Cupcake Baking Lessons

K gets suited up. Notice the cat. My Tuesday afternoon went something like this: Co-worker K: Will you bake me cupcakes?Me: Yep.Co-worker K: Can we bake cupcakes?Me: Yep.Co-worker K: And brownies?Me: Yep. “I will not forget the salt.” Again, notice the cat. So, after a quick speakerphone warning from K’s mom that I’d better have …

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