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Vegan Airport Food?!

I’m sitting at LGA waiting for a flight that was delayed for just long enough to make me antsy. This is my third flight in a little over a week, and I’m tired, grouchy, and hungry. Did I mention that I’m HUNGRY?

If you’re vegan and you travel regularly, it’s no secret that, despite the international and culturally diverse customers that they serve, airports are notorious no-vegan zones. (Same goes for convention centers. Baffling.) So, imagine my surprise when I rolled up to one of the many grab-and-go food kiosks near my gate and found my favorite vegan protein bar (!), PB&J; sandwiches, hummus and pretzels, and fruit salad.

But it gets better.

The news stand actually stocks Alternative Baking Company vegan cookies. (For those of you who follow me on twitter, you’ll remember that I made this discovery on last week’s flight.)

As far as vegan airport fare goes in NYC, the Delta terminal at LGA now rates right up there with the Jet Blue terminal at JFK.


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