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Sunday Snapshot: Melanie's Birthday Cupcakes | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshot: Melanie’s Birthday Cupcakes

Yesterday was my BFF Melanie’s birthday. So, as is our birthday tradition, I provided dinner and cupcakes. This year, she requested pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting. I thought it might be hard to top last year’s cupcakes—with the help of edible gold, they were gold lamé—but the pumpkin/maple combination was definitely tasty. Happy Birthday, Face!

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Sunday Snapshot: Pumpkin Muffins with Vegan Cream Cheese | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshot: Pumpkin Muffins with Vegan Cream Cheese

Pumpkin Muffin with Vegan Cream Cheese Filling Today was a very autumn-in-Brooklyn sort of day. Jeremy and I hit some stoop sales, visited the Transit Museum, then got busy in the kitchen. (Git yer mind out of the gutter—we’re taking about baking!) In addition to the pumpkin muffin pictured above (vegan, with vegan cream cheese …

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Vegan Cupcake Baking Lessons | Red-Handled Scissors

Vegan Cupcake Baking Lessons

K gets suited up. Notice the cat. My Tuesday afternoon went something like this: Co-worker K: Will you bake me cupcakes?Me: Yep.Co-worker K: Can we bake cupcakes?Me: Yep.Co-worker K: And brownies?Me: Yep. “I will not forget the salt.” Again, notice the cat. So, after a quick speakerphone warning from K’s mom that I’d better have …

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Wedding Anniversary Week: The Cake | Red-Handled Scissors

Wedding Anniversary Week: The Cake

Cake! (Photo by Zachary Stephens Photography) Vegan wedding cakes are really expensive. (Heck, all wedding cakes are expensive.) They’re also a giant, frosting-covered pile of wedding stress waiting to happen. So, to avoid the logistical nightmare of getting a vegan cake to my in-laws’ Vermont farm (or hiring someone local who wouldn’t cross-contaminate the vegan …

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