Tessellating TARDIS iPhone Case Cross-Stitch Pattern | Red-Handled Scissors

Tessellating TARDIS iPhone Case Cross-Stitch Pattern

Geek crafts get a little more grown up with my new Doctor Who-inspired [not quite] Tessellating TARDIS iPhone Case Cross-Stitch Pattern with printable PDF template! My new design is much subtler than my original TARDIS-inspired iPhone case cross-stitch pattern, and I’m definitely loving the results. It’s such a crisp, clean way to display my Whovian …

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Doctor Who Craft Tutorial Roundup | Red-Handled Scissors

Doctor Who Craft Tutorial Roundup

The second part of Doctor Who series 7 starts on Saturday, and I’m definitely excited. (I never could resist a mad man with a box, could you?) Beyond sexy bow ties and feisty new companions, the return of the Doctor means one very happy thing: it’s Doctor Who craft time! Want to get a head …

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Handmade Paper TARDIS Lamp | Red-Handled Scissors

Handmade Paper TARDIS Lamp

At the beginning of the week, I received the best gift a geek girl could get: a handmade paper TARDIS lamp from my friend, and fellow craft blogger, Christine. (Guys, it actually lights up!) Here’s the lamp in action. I’m ridiculously impressed with her paper crafting skills—they blow mine clear out of the water! Then, …

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Tutorial: Painted TARDIS Keys | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Painted TARDIS Keys

Turn your house keys into a geeky work of art with this Doctor Who-inspired painted TARDIS key tutorial! Painted keys are way more fun than plastic key identifier rings, and they’re a great way tell your keys apart without adding extra bulk. Alternately, if you’d rather make a version that’s more decorative than functional, you …

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