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Sunday Snapshot: Happy Herbivore Rum Cake | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshot: Happy Herbivore Rum Cake

Today, my husband shot photographs of my friend Lindsay (a.ka. Happy Herbivore) for the cover of her next cookbook. I, for my part, tagged along for Lindsay’s rum cake. ;) Rest assured, it was absolutely as delicious as it looks. In case you are somehow unfamiliar with Lindsay’s first cookbook, you can (and should) buy …

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Friday Internet Crushes: Meal Revolution

Yes, I know it’s not Friday. But, since Blogger decided to take a little break yesterday, I did too! Many of you already know my friend Lindsay Nixon, the fabulous vegan chef from Happy Herbivore. She’s always coming up with new ideas for helping people make healthier choices and better meals, but, as a New …

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Friday Internet Crushes: The Happy Herbivore Cookbook | Red-Handled Scissors

Friday Internet Crushes: The Happy Herbivore Cookbook

It’s real! It’s real! I work with books in my day job, but that doesn’t mean that the magic of book publishing is lost on me. When I walked into the Barnes & Noble near my office and saw Lindsay’s book in a front-of-store promotion, I immediately squealed and snapped a photo to send to …

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Happy Herbivore pH Party | Red-Handled Scissors

Happy Herbivore pH Party

On Saturday, the Happy Herbivore meetup ladies got together for what was certainly our strangest party to date: The pH party. While it’s common knowledge in the vegan community that most vegans are naturally more alkaline than acidic, we wanted some concrete evidence. We also wanted to see if eating certain foods—very healthy or very …

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