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Friday Internet Crushes: Meal Revolution

Yes, I know it’s not Friday. But, since Blogger decided to take a little break yesterday, I did too!

Many of you already know my friend Lindsay Nixon, the fabulous vegan chef from Happy Herbivore. She’s always coming up with new ideas for helping people make healthier choices and better meals, but, as a New Yorker, I’m especially excited about her latest venture: Meal Revolution. This time, Lindsay and Scott, her husband, are literally taking all of the work out eating well in the city—all with the radical idea that having healthy food delivered should be *gasp* affordable!

So, to help kick off her kickstarter campaign, I asked her a few questions that I hope will get you as excited about her new business as I am:

1. I know that Meal Revolution isn’t even close to your first vegan-related project, but some of my readers might not be in the loop. What else have you been up to?
I’ve just finished writing my second cookbook (with another on the way!) and I’ve always wanted to do more with my recipes. Take them beyond the book, so to speak. This winter, I consulted for a restaurant to see if I wanted to go that route, and while it was a great experience and I love seeing my food on their menu, I realized—rather quickly—I am not the restauranteur type! I want to be the one in the kitchen making the meals, not overseeing my recipes being made…so I thought a little more and came up with meal delivery—the best parts of both desires.

2. What is your absolute favorite meal to cook?
The teriyaki chickpeas with fresh mango salsa—it’s in the video. There so much pleasure and reward in making that meal—and actually, I’ll even share my recipe!

3. What do you tell people who don’t think vegan food can creative and delicious?
Give it an honest try and prove me wrong, or more likely, prove me right ;-)

4. Give me a little background on Meal Revolution, and why you think it’s such an important concept.
I think that most people want to eat healthy they just don’t have the time or they don’t know where to start. New York especially has a very high-paced energy where you’re expected to go-go-go which results in relying on convenience, which isn’t always healthy…but I’m trying to change all that by making healthy eating convenient and easy and affordable.

5. Is there anything else you’d like people to know?
It’s an interesting time to be alive—the Internet gives us the chance to live our dreams and do what we want to do. That’s what I’m doing, here. Fear comes with the unknown but it’s very exciting to put passion to work!

Are you smitten? Don’t forget to pick up a copy of her cookbook:

**If you click through a link to Amazon.com in this post, I will make a little money if you make a purchase. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.**


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