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Food Not Blogs | Red-Handled Scissors

Food Not Blogs

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of Emmy-related errands. I haven’t found much time to blog, but I’ve sure managed to find time to eat! The Happy Herbivore Vegan Wine and Cheese Party Dr. Cow nut cheeses and Kim’s Homemade Cherry Compote Lindsay’s Amazing Vegan Cheese Ball Jenn, Bethany, and the City …

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NYC Happy Herbivore Meetup | Red-Handled Scissors

NYC Happy Herbivore Meetup

I just got home from the very delicious NYC Happy Herbivore meetup. Between the cupcakes, the guac, and the vegan cheese dip, I can definitely say that I’m excited for Lindsay’s cookbook to come out—I really want that cheese recipe! Aside from getting to taste some of the dishes that will be in the upcoming …

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Happy Herbivore 30 WHOLE Days Challenge: 3 WHOLE Days | Red-Handled Scissors

Happy Herbivore 30 WHOLE Days Challenge: 3 WHOLE Days

To be honest, the first 3 days of the 30 WHOLE Days Challenge have been mixed for me. I didn’t wake up on Saturday morning feeling excited to meet the challenge head-on. Instead, I woke up on Saturday morning wanting to have waffles for brunch, and feeling irritated that I couldn’t. Grumbling, I made a …

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Happy Herbivore 30 Whole Days Challenge | Red-Handled Scissors

Happy Herbivore 30 Whole Days Challenge

(Image care of http://happyherbivore.com) Starting on May 1st, I will be taking part in Happy Herbivore’s 30 WHOLE Days Challenge. Basically, this means that, for the month of May, I will be making every effort to include only whole, non-processed foods in my diet and cooking. At first, I thought this challenge sounded pretty easy. …

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