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Saturday Internet Crushes: Merchant & Mills | Red-Handled Scissors

Saturday Internet Crushes: Merchant & Mills

Utterly helpless in the presence of beautiful sewing tools and notions, I am madly in love with pretty much everything made by British sewing company Merchant & Mills. On the off chance that you’re a sewer and aren’t already acquainted with their simple, old-timey goodness, I feel that it’s my duty as a craft writer …

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Tutorial: Stabilizing Crocheted Buttons | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Stabilizing Crocheted Buttons

Crocheted buttons are a pretty finishing touch to any knitting or crochet project, but they can also be flimsy and hard to use. Luckily, you can add strength and usability to your fiber notions—especially large buttons made with delicate yarns—with this simple reinforcement technique. Stabilized buttons look just like their non-stabilized counterparts, but they maintain …

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Friday Internet Crushes: Sewing Needle 101 | Red-Handled Scissors

Friday Internet Crushes: Sewing Needle 101

Friday Internet Crushes is back, my friends. This week, get to know your sewing needles—for both hand sewing and machine—with these helpful guides from around the crafty internet!

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Craft Tool: Elastic Threaders | Red-Handled Scissors

Craft Tool: Elastic Threaders

After a recent post on Instagram (username: thezenofmaking), it has come to my attention that some of you may be woefully unaware of the existence of elastic threaders. And now that I know, I can’t, in good conscience, allow such a hole to remain in your sewing toolkits. (You understand, right?) So, here’s what you …

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