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Happy Herbivore pH Party | Red-Handled Scissors

Happy Herbivore pH Party

On Saturday, the Happy Herbivore meetup ladies got together for what was certainly our strangest party to date: The pH party. While it’s common knowledge in the vegan community that most vegans are naturally more alkaline than acidic, we wanted some concrete evidence. We also wanted to see if eating certain foods—very healthy or very …

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Food Not Blogs | Red-Handled Scissors

Food Not Blogs

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of Emmy-related errands. I haven’t found much time to blog, but I’ve sure managed to find time to eat! The Happy Herbivore Vegan Wine and Cheese Party Dr. Cow nut cheeses and Kim’s Homemade Cherry Compote Lindsay’s Amazing Vegan Cheese Ball Jenn, Bethany, and the City …

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NYC Happy Herbivore Meetup | Red-Handled Scissors

NYC Happy Herbivore Meetup

I just got home from the very delicious NYC Happy Herbivore meetup. Between the cupcakes, the guac, and the vegan cheese dip, I can definitely say that I’m excited for Lindsay’s cookbook to come out—I really want that cheese recipe! Aside from getting to taste some of the dishes that will be in the upcoming …

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Etsy Labs Birthday Craft Party | Red-Handled Scissors

Etsy Labs Birthday Craft Party

On Friday, in celebration of Etsy’s 5th birthday, Etsy Labs in DUMBO threw a giant, crafty bash. I’d been meaning to check out Etsy Labs’ weekly craft nights for a while, but, due to my shyness/general awkwardness (and having a business class scheduled on Monday last semester), I never quite made it out. But, since …

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