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Tutorial: Recycled Wine Bottle Planter | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Recycled Wine Bottle Planter

Make your own recycled wine bottle planter with my special Earth Day tutorial! Supplies: * Empty glass wine bottle, cleaned and dried * Thick rubber band that will fit snugly around the bottle * Wet/dry sandpaper, 1 sheet coarse grain and 1 sheet fine grain * Tealight candle * Paper towel * Wool felt, 10″ …

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Sunday Snapshot: Hot Peppers | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshot: Hot Peppers

As it turns out, our fire escape is the perfect place to grow hot peppers. Tomatoes? Maybe next time. Catnip? Meh. Nasturtiums? Goodness, no. But, hot peppers? Abso-freaking-lutely! We couldn’t even get the tomatoes to flower, but somehow we have three different kinds of hot pepper plants, all absolutely filled with ripening peppers. So, who’s …

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Sunday Snapshot: Fire Escape Strawberries! | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshot: Fire Escape Strawberries!

My strawberry plants are making strawberries! ON MY FIRE ESCAPE!

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Friday Internet Crushes: I Wish I'd Thought of That! | Red-Handled Scissors

Friday Internet Crushes: I Wish I’d Thought of That!

Typewriter Guestbook Photo care of http://www.lydiajane.com/ All of the photos of this wedding are beautiful, but I am insanely jealous that they came up with the BRILLIANT idea of using an antique typewriter loaded with paper as a guestbook. Such a good idea! Succulent Wreath Photo care of http://beeskneesbungalow.blogspot.com/ If I had an outside door, …

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