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Sunday Snapshot: Hello from VOGUEknitting LIVE New York!

VOGUEknitting LIVE

I’m getting ready to trek into Times Square for the last day of VOGUEknitting Live New York!

Since I just got back from CHA, I’m already feeling a little bit of trade show overload, so I spent most of yesterday wandering the marketplace floor and stopping to chat whenever I saw someone I knew. The highlight of the day: I stopped by the Kollabora booth and Brett Bara taught me how to make a pom pom! (She also snapped the photo of it on my head.) As I’ve mentioned before, I can only make complicated things—if you ask me to do something really easy, I’ll screw it up spectacularly. Turns out, pom poms are no exception. Mine was pretty bad. (Mind you, I tied it onto my head and wore it all day anyway.) Today, I think I’ll do a little shopping—I’ve got my eye on some needles and a few skeins of yarn—then park it in a random spot and knit with whomever passes by. I mean, a girl’s gotta take a break sometime!

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