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Silhouette SD Business Cards

Silhouette SD

Someday soon, I will order my very own fancy letterpress business cards from my freind Kot at Wild West Letterpress. But, until then, I need something to keep in my wallet for meetups, impromptu interview requests, and random run-ins with Martha Stewart executives. (Hey, it could happen!)

Sketch Pens in Action

Last weekend, I was in such a tizzy about not having cards to take with me to a workshop, that my very awesome, very patient husband threw together a quick card design that could be drawn using my Silhouette SD and its ballpoint sketch pen inserts. (My husband is a graphic designer, so my fancy new business cards were apparently no big deal to whip up. Must be nice!)

Digitally Drawn Business Cards

The result: cute, professional-looking business cards that were each drawn with ballpoint pen, giving them a distinctly DIY feel.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they don’t quite have the tactile goodness of traditional letterpress, but they’re definitely leaps and bounds above anything my inkjet printer can do!

I took a short video of the Silhouette SD and sketch pens in action to give you an idea of how it works. I apologize in advance for the slightly fuzzy picture quality. You see, I live in a cave (otherwise known as a railroad apartment) in Brooklyn.


  1. CraftTestDummies says:

    These are super-cute- I got your package today, and I"m not sure what I was most impressed with- the cards or the awesome books! Thank you so much!

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