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Friday Internet Crushes: Podcast Love


Friday Internet Crushes: Podcast Love
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I get ridiculously excited about every new episode of CraftyPod. Seemingly custom-made for a craft blogger/book nerd/business owner/social media geek exactly like me, I swear that there’s already an episode entirely devoted to any craft-related topic that I can think up (or work myself into a lather over). Need a new book to read? How about some life balance? Or, maybe you want to meet that awesome new blogger, then get your SEO on? Fine. Sister Diane’s got you covered.


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CraftSanity is THE place to go for in-depth interviews with today’s most creative, innovative minds. The majority of the podcasts clock in at an hour plus, touching on everything from current projects to childhood encounters with pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks, so you really feel like you get to know each person featured. Somehow, Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood always manages to keep the conversation moving with interesting and engaging questions, drawing out great stories in the process. Whenever there’s a new episode, I grab my crochet hook or embroidery hoop before hitting play—there’s nothing quite as satisfying as productivity with a side of inspiration!

Also, have I mentioned how excited I am about the bike basket project in the latest CraftSanity Magazine? Because, oh man, it’s awesome.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for featuring CraftSanity, Haley! I needed a boost today and really appreciate the craft love. Right back at ya, sister! Thanks for doing what you do. Hugs from the mitten state.

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