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Tutorial: Embroidered Typography Wall Art | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Embroidered Typography Wall Art

I stitched this piece of embroidered typography wall art for my graphic designer husband as a gift for our third anniversary. (It was yesterday! Hooray!) Are you a type geek too? Make one for your special someone with my free downloadable template! Supplies: * Embroidered Typography Wall Art template * 5" x 7" textured cardstock, …

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Vagina Word Embroidery | Red-Handled Scissors

Vagina Word Embroidery

Vagina. (See? The world didn’t end.) Patella! Cornea! Sinuses! (Yep. Still here.) Vaginas aren’t obscene or scary, they’re just a body part. A body part, I might add, that can be found on half of the people on the planet. We’re grownups. Using the correct anatomical terms for parts of the body is neither offensive …

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