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Vagina Word Embroidery

Vagina. (See? The world didn’t end.)

Patella! Cornea! Sinuses! (Yep. Still here.)

Vaginas aren’t obscene or scary, they’re just a body part. A body part, I might add, that can be found on half of the people on the planet.

We’re grownups. Using the correct anatomical terms for parts of the body is neither offensive nor dangerous. Know what is? Ignorance.

I stitched this vagina word embroidery piece as a reminder that, no matter how heated conversations may get, “vagina” is not actually a dirty word. This isn’t about politics, it’s about maturity. I refuse to live in a world where, in serious discussions between adults, it’s inappropriate to refer to a vagina—or, for that matter, a penis—by name. I could have chosen to make this point with any number of words, but I embroidered “vagina” because, as several of my Twitter and Instagram pals pointed out during the process, it’s typographically beautiful, and thus fun to stitch.

Want to make your own?
I embroidered my word using backstitch on 28-count tea-dyed evenweave fabric. The font is size 48 American Typewriter. It was stitched and finished on a 5″ hoop.


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