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Review: Twig Terrariums Terrarium Kits | Red-Handled Scissors

Review: Twig Terrariums Terrarium Kits

I talk a good game about fire escape gardening and air plant chandeliers, but the only part of my anatomy that’s even close to green is the turquoise streak in the front of my hair. And, while I’ve always loved the idea of making awesome terrariums of my own, I was also convinced that they’d …

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Sunday Snapshot: Terrarium Teaser | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshot: Terrarium Teaser

We’re talking terrariums tomorrow on TZoM! To celebrate the gorgeous spring weather—and their upcoming book—I’ll be dishing the dirt on the beginner terrarium kits from my pals at Twig Terrariums. (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.) So, if you’ve never made a terrarium but always wanted to, you’ll definitely want to stop by and check …

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Sunday Snapshot: Twig Terrariums Studio Warming Party | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshot: Twig Terrariums Studio Warming Party

My ladyfriends at Twig Terrariums opened their brand new—and very lovely—studio space to friends and fans on Friday for a studio warming party. (Congrats, ladies!) And, even though they have about a million and thirty seven live plants on hand at any given time, I just couldn’t resist bringing a crocheted air plant as a …

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Twig Terrariums Workshop | Red-Handled Scissors

Twig Terrariums Workshop

For years and years, I have longed to make terrariums. (Plants! In containers! ENCLOSED!!) But, because I once heard from someone (who had a friend who knew a guy) that I needed south-facing windows for terrarium success, I never even bothered to try. So, tonight at the Twig Terrariums workshop at The Parlour Brooklyn, Twig …

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