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Review: Twig Terrariums Terrarium Kits

I talk a good game about fire escape gardening and air plant chandeliers, but the only part of my anatomy that’s even close to green is the turquoise streak in the front of my hair. And, while I’ve always loved the idea of making awesome terrariums of my own, I was also convinced that they’d require crazy gardening skills that I just didn’t have. Lucky for me, the ladies at Twig Terrariums created a series of terrarium kits—with versions for both beginners and for more experienced makers—that walk you through the whole terrarium-making process from beginning to end! (Did I mention that they have an exciting new book coming out too?!)

If, like me, you’ve always wanted to make a terrarium but didn’t know where to start, this post is for you!

The details:
For this review, I tried out the Le Petit Singularite kit.

According to the Twig Terrariums website:

Le Petit Singularite

Looking for a little green gift to keep that someone fascinated? Look at this one! Le Petit Singularite is a small, well-made, cork-topped jar, made from 40% post-consumer recycled glass. Its design is simple and it looks good everywhere (we’ve checked around our homes). Kit comes attractively packaged and with one figure—please specify male or female.

Height: 3 3/4″
Width: 3 1/8″
Length: 3 1/8″

Price: $25.00
P&P;: $9.50

What I loved:

1. Everything I needed came in one box, so I didn’t have to run out and pick up extra supplies before getting started.

2. The instruction sheet included both step-by-step directions and an illustrated diagram, which kept me from accidentally mixing up the layers as I worked.

3. Each bag—from rocks to moss—contained more than enough of each material to complete my project.

4. The moss contained in the kit was completely dried, so it didn’t die or get damaged in transit. After three hours of soaking, it was green, happy, and ready to go.

5. The hole on top of the container was wide enough for me to use my fingers to arrange the rocks, moss, and figure, so I didn’t need to have any additional tools on hand. (A bamboo skewer or a chopstick would perfect for making more detailed placements, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

6. The glass container was thick and sturdy, so I wasn’t afraid to pour in the rocks/display it in a busy area.

7. Moss thrives in filtered light and shade, so it’s the perfect plant for my Brooklyn cave. I haven’t tried keeping a terrarium in an office or a dorm room, but I bet it’d be pretty happy there too.

Tip: When the instructions tell you to put your terrarium in a shady spot, they’re not kidding. If you put a freshly planted terrarium in a sunny window, the moss will fry, and you’ll be left with an ugly brown mess. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) Moss loves shade and filtered light, so put it in a cozy, low-light spot and it’ll stay green and healthy!

What I didn’t love:

1. There was only one kind of moss included in the kit. Adding a bit of variety would have opened up more possibilities for getting creative with texture and landscape.

Update: I’ve just been informed that this kit now comes with two kinds of moss. Huzzah!

2. I’d love to see a larger set of standard options for the figures (say, different hair colors or adults vs. kids). Right now, you can choose between a male figure and a female figure, but adding a second option like hair color would allow for a more custom feel, which would be especially great for gifts.

Overall Impression:
I thought that the Twig Terrariums terrarium kit was easy to work with and yielded the same great results that were promised on the site. The materials included in the box were high quality, and created a finished product that was, in my opinion, worth the $25 price tag. I would definitely recommend this kit to friends!

Ready to make a terrarium of your own?
You can order Twig Terrariums terrarium kits here!

Full disclosure:
I am pals with Michelle and Katy, the owners of Twig Terrariums. They generously provided a sample kit for review, but the opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


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