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Twig Terrariums Workshop

For years and years, I have longed to make terrariums. (Plants! In containers! ENCLOSED!!) But, because I once heard from someone (who had a friend who knew a guy) that I needed south-facing windows for terrarium success, I never even bothered to try. So, tonight at the Twig Terrariums workshop at The Parlour Brooklyn, Twig owners Katy and Michelle changed my life in a big, big way. As it turns out, terrariums HATE direct sunlight. My shadowy Brooklyn apartment? It’s probably perfect!

Meet Katy and Michelle, the lovely ladies who made my terrarium dreams come true! They patiently walked us through the basic elements of a healthy terrarium, introduced us to the wide and varied world of moss, encouraged us to poke at things with sticks, and said very nice things about our beginner-tastic terrariums. They are every bit as friendly and fun as they look.

I know you’re all dying to see how my horticultural (bryological?) handiwork turned out, so here she is. I call her, “So, The Hotel’s a Little Rustic.”

Remember, this is my very first terrarium, and I’m incredibly excited. Be gentle.

Here’s a bit more of the moss detail. Don’t you just love the tiny yet determined suitcase-toting lady?


  1. Shelley Mathesaon says:

    I love your Terrariums!  How clever to use the moss with miniature people. I wish I lived closer to attend your workshops, they sound great!  Thanks for a great idea…..

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