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Baby's First Nursing Shirt | Red-Handled Scissors

Baby’s First Nursing Shirt

I am a lady of a certain age. Specifically, the age where one’s friends suddenly start procreating. So, I’m doing what any reasonable gal in my situation would do. (No, not getting knocked up.) I’m getting my baby craft on! My first baby-related project is a nursing shirt for my friend Michelle of Z+M the …

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I Sewed My First Old Lady Blouse! | Red-Handled Scissors

I Sewed My First Old Lady Blouse!

Tonight, I was going to post about this week’s CSA share, and how we got a million more pounds of strawberries and rhubarb (and asparagus!), but this is way more important: I finally finished sewing my VERY FIRST SHIRT, and it fits! It’s cut petite, it buttons over my chest-height lady-parts, and is completely passable …

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Sew and So: Embroidery Adventures | Red-Handled Scissors

Sew and So: Embroidery Adventures

I’ve been known to pay more than I should for cute, embroidered old lady sweaters (*coughAnthropologiecough*). Inspired by Sublime Stitching and thriftiness, I decided to try my hand at needlework to see if I could make some of the designs that I liked. I didn’t start out with high hopes—I fully expected my efforts to …

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