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Finished Nursing Shirt

Finished Nursing Shirt | Red-Handled Scissors

I feel the need to point out two things about this photo:1. I finally finished the nursing shirt for Michelle! 2. I did indeed put a bra on my *amazing* new petite dress form and stuff it with socks to approximate the giant mommy boobs that neither I nor the mannequin have. (I mean, what …

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The Nursing Shirt Saga Continues

The Nursing Shirt Saga Continues | Red-Handled Scissors

I had big plans for today. I was determined that I was finally going to finish the nursing shirt that I started for my friend Michelle ages ago. And I am so, so close. The basting stitches have been removed, the lining has been stitched, and all I need to do is attach the straps …

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Baby’s First Nursing Shirt

Baby's First Nursing Shirt | Red-Handled Scissors

I am a lady of a certain age. Specifically, the age where one’s friends suddenly start procreating. So, I’m doing what any reasonable gal in my situation would do. (No, not getting knocked up.) I’m getting my baby craft on! My first baby-related project is a nursing shirt for my friend Michelle of Z+M the …

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