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Sunday Snapshots: Women's Work | Red-Handled Scissors

Sunday Snapshots: Women’s Work

Quilting and books about feminism and domesticity? Seems about right for a very chilly Sunday evening.

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Ladies: It Matters How We Talk About Crafting | Red-Handled Scissors

Ladies: It Matters How We Talk About Crafting

It all started with a couple of particularly obnoxious photo-and-quote posts. You know the kind: the vintage-y craft-related images with sassy phrases written across them that end up plastered all over Facebook? Yeah, those. Now, truth be told, I’m not a big fan of photo-and-quote posts under the best of circumstances—the grammar is usually terrible …

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Vagina Word Embroidery | Red-Handled Scissors

Vagina Word Embroidery

Vagina. (See? The world didn’t end.) Patella! Cornea! Sinuses! (Yep. Still here.) Vaginas aren’t obscene or scary, they’re just a body part. A body part, I might add, that can be found on half of the people on the planet. We’re grownups. Using the correct anatomical terms for parts of the body is neither offensive …

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