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O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! My Captain! | Red-Handled Scissors

So very sad. Rest in peace, Robin Williams.


Shame on a world that looks upon mental illness with fear, judgement, and contempt simply because it feels helpless, impotent, and ignorant in the face of such a struggle. I’ve dealt with depression my whole life. And, dearest readers, if you struggle too, know that you are not alone. Should you find yourself in need of help, please, please, please seek it out. You matter. You are important.

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  1. Tammie M says:

    Robbin Williams… you will be missed ever so dearly. I grew up watching you as so many others. my heart is broken. my condolences to family, friends and us (your fans). i agree, this is a very, very sad day. rest in peace dear one.

  2. Neame says:

    I, too, will miss Mr. Williams wacky wild engaging humor. He made a positive difference in this world.
    Thanks for the update. People close to me struggle with mental illness. Among the difficulties is that so many make the illness the person – as though the actual person is merely a carrier for the disease. It’s the stigma that makes the person disappear. We are all so much more than our illnesses (and yes, eventually everyone gets ill). It helps when a real person (you) stands up and identifies. Thank you.

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