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Sunday Snapshot: Cat-Based Craft Supply Security System

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Today, I set up my cat-based craft supply security system. Never fear, yarn and fabric—you’re in good paws!

How do you keep your cat supplies safe? Photo evidence encouraged!


  1. Meg says:

    I don’t have a cat but I’d like to know how to keep the dog from walking in the kitchen when I’m cleaning the floor for quilt layering prep and then of course walk across the fabric when it’s on the floor. It never fails no matter what kind of four legged fur kid you have they always have to find a way to “participate in the crafting process”.

  2. Foxy Fadette says:

    I have no solution at all.
    3 cats at home, the younger (3 yo) is very interested in all crafts.
    He helps a lot:
    – he finds where are little objets that felt from the table
    – he makes space on the table putting objects down to the floor
    – he helps me to take the pen to draw patterns…
    – he lays down on the fabrics I’m cutting.. so that it does not slide from the table?
    – also he pulls the fabric to him (his claws are so efficient for this…)
    – he likes to verify if the bobbin fits well on the sewing machine..

    And recently we have discovered the great Dremel and its numerous very little tools, it’s so cool for my cat!

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