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New Glasses for CHA!

CHA Winter 2013

My new glasses arrived just in time for CHA!

Remember that fateful day in November when my beloved granny glasses broke in half just as I was heading out to climb a volcano? Well, superglue might have saved me then, but I knew it was only a temporary fix. So, when the fever from my epic virus finally broke on Monday and then my specs immediately followed suit, I didn’t reach for my files and adhesives—I ran straight to Fabulous Fanny’s. After an hour of playing dress-up with the guys in the store—and a lot of hilarious mirror squinting—I settled on this shiny new pair of red cat eyes. Pretty fancy, eh?

Now, with my glasses-related emergency out of the way, I’m focusing all of my energy on getting ready for the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show! I’m flying to California on Friday, and then you can find me rocking my new red specs on the CHA Winter 2013 show floor until 1/14. Are you headed to CHA too? I can’t wait to see you in sunny CA!


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