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I got my Vintage on for Fox and Friends!

Meg and Me Representing CRAFT in the Green Room

This morning, I got to rock the vintage Pan Am look on Fox & Friends in Craft colleague Meg Allan Cole’s DIY Halloween Costume segment!

I know, I know, I look a little awkward. I was nervous, and I didn’t want to fall off of my shoes on live TV! I mean, I was wearing wedges and I’m the girl who wore flats to the EMMYS. It was a distinct possibility.

Check out all of Meg’s crafty awesomeness at Nest and the Meg Allan Cole Crafts channel on YouTube!

Speaking of how awkward I am, who wants to give me tips on crafting a more comfortable video and photo presence? No amount of being cute is going to help me if I continue to look like a deer in the headlights every time I’m on a screen or in front of people! I’m really pretty sure that I used to be able to work it…


  1. Jane brunk says:

    Practice, practice practice! Since you work at home, maybe you could turn one of your work sessions into a practice session in front of the camera? Regardless of what you are doing, you could turn it into a session where it's just you talking to the camera while you work a few times a week. Turn on the camera sometimes, but i think part of it is just getting used to the camera being there even if it isn't on. Let your charming and adorable personality come out! :)

  2. Janebrunk says:

    Also, maybe make some practice "how to" videos for your blog. Gives you relevant content for your own stuff while getting you more practice at the same time. Just a thought…

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