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Friday Internet Crushes: Wonder Clips

This week, after working for about a million hours on my (nearly finished) Emmy dress, my biggest new crush has got to be Clover Wonder Clips.

They might not look like anything special, but these little beasties are a-freaking-mazing. Expletive infix definitely required.

Here’s why:

* They can hold patterns to multiple layers of very slippery fabric without pins, and with absolutely no slipping.

* They have seam allowance markers built into the under side of each clip so you can mark the seam while holding fabric in place.

* They work just exactly how you’d want them to: they open wide, they don’t bunch fabric, they sit flat on a table, and they don’t snag.

I nearly did a back flip this week when a package from Clover arrived, and these little beauties were nestled inside. Spray adhesive junkies, be warned: Wonder Clips might just get you off the aerosol.

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