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Sunday Snapshots: Fancy Craft Supplies

Yesterday, I got the panic. The OMG-the-Emmys-are-really-frickin’-soon panic. There was really only one solution: I needed fabric, yarn, handles, lining, zippers, and a plan, and I needed them IMMEDIATELY.

Of course, I did what any woman in my position would do. I headed directly to Mood Fabrics and Purl Soho, grabbed the first employee I could find at each place, and dragged them along with me as a “consultant” (read: moral support) as I hemmed and hawed and picked things up and put things back. I sincerely apologize to both unsuspecting ladies. It’ll be awesome when they finally see my dress and handbag on CRAFT, right? At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.


  1. malvina says:

    I saw your photo at the bottom of the cat rocket craftzine post and followed the bio link to find this! I'm the Purl Soho gal who helped you on Saturday. Just wanted to say hello and I hope it all works wonderfully. Good luck! -Malvina

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