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Tutorial: The Walking Taco

When the weather gets hot, sometimes you just need an extra-easy, extra-portable meal. So, if my childhood trips to summer camp taught me one thing about mobile food, it’s this: there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a walking taco on a lazy day. You just throw your favorite taco ingredients into a single-serve bag of corn chips (the smallest size, or you’ll be overwhelmed by chips), grab a fork, and go! It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

For the record, I do know that my mouth is full in step 4. I’m eating a delicious walking taco—can you blame me?!


  1. Infohiker says:

    This is not a taco. The entomology of the word taco is tortilla wrapped around food.  Traditional Tacos contain meat or fish.
    This is not original, yet you don't give source.  YouBy implication you put forth that this is your idea..  So not only is this insulting to Mexican culture and food, this is pretentious.  Thanks, white people. 

  2. Like I said in my post, I first had the meal at summer camp when I was a kid. And, since it seems like many people have been eating a variation of the same thing at camps for decades, I'd love the opportunity to high five the person who had the original idea! Because you can use any ingredient you like, they can be called anything you want ("Frito pie" seems to be common). To your point, "pie" doesn't make any more sense to me than "taco," but "bag of corn chips with various toppings" isn't any better. If you've got a good name, I'm all ears!

  3. Seasoned chickpeas were what I had on hand, so they're what I used. You, however, should definitely feel free to use whatever bean strikes your fancy. Also, I'm in Brooklyn–the Midwest would never stand for anything less that refried beans! ;P

  4. Frank says:

    You're doing it wrong. Add some carne asada, onions, cilantro and a nice homemade green chili sauce and now we're talking.  L.A. style!

  5. Nadine says:

    I grew up getting something like this from the school cafeteria only it was chili on fritos and they called it a frito boat. this sounds very interesting. I would imagine all kinds of toppings would be good even if it was just salad items as I sometimes put crushed fritos on my salad the possibilities are endless. and here is the definition I found on taco. "[from Mexican Spanish, from Spanish: literally, a snack, a bite to eat]" this item seems to fit the bill. :o) call it a taco boat if that makes infohiker feel any better all fritos are is tacos in a different shape.

  6. Nadine says:

    Not everyone eats meat. there is no wrong way to eat something you like. if you don't like it this way then add what you like on it that is the beauty of home cooking you don't have to eat what you don't want. :o)

  7. cordrogers.com says:

    Chef Cord suggests….  Cut the bag with scissors from top to bottom along the edge, bigger opening=easier to eat but still maintains the fashionable container.  More ingredients to include:  black beans, red kidney beans, shredded carrot, chili (oh god, not canned), cheese (try feta), MEAT,  pickled jalapeno, LOTS of lime (yes I see your limes)

  8. Debbie says:

    I can’t believe how worked up people get about a snack or meal cause someone names it a walking taco. My goodness just appreciate the information and add it to your list of things to try out. I know I’m certainly going to try it. It sounds yummy. If you don’t think it sounds good just pass it up. End of story.

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