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This Post Will Save You Money

Or, at the very least, it will provide some comic relief to the people standing in line behind you while you desperately try to extract your credit card from the pouch you’ve voluntarily sewn it into.

So, to all of you wanna-be frugals in the house, I present the finished credit card cover from yesterday’s embroidery project. That’s right, I have now officially sewn my credit card into a fabric cover to prevent me from using it for unplanned purchases. What do you think? Will it have a positive effect on my bank account, or will it just drive me crazy?

(Truth be told, I don’t expect to have too many problems, as I really only use my card for traveling and the rare unforeseen emergency/vet bill. If I really wanted to see my bank account numbers go up, I’d have to sew up my debit card.)


  1. Joel says:

    Hey, I don't even know if you remember me from mich, but your blog is the closest thing to me following a blog, love reading it.

    Only posted to let you know I am a vet….so if you need to talk about something w/ the cats, let me know.


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