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Sunday Snapshot: Vegan Milano Cookies

All of today’s cooking endeavors paled in comparison to these sassy little cookies. In addition to being absolutely delicious, it was really, really satisfying to shape the dough into lines of nice, uniform ovals on the baking sheet. You should probably go make some.


  1. Crystal Miller says:

    Yours looked so beautiful and delicious, but I ended up with something far less lovely and not very tasty. My attempt resulted in extremely hard cookies and a mournful waste of dark chocolate (since you couldn't get it out of the rock cookies). Any advice?

  2. Hm. Sounds to me like they cookies might have been too thin, and thus were overdone. Mine were way thicker than the store-bought version. Other ideas: I used soy milk, not rice. I also probably turned my oven down to 325, since mine tends to run hot. As for the chocolate, it definitely hardens quite a bit, but should be pleasantly firm at room temp. How were you melting it? I improvised a double-boiler with two pots.

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