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Emmy Adventure: Day 2

Today must have been all about me, because Jeremy somehow only managed to end up in one unflattering pool shot.

We started the day with complimentary breakfast at the hotel, where the amazing staff rounded up soy milk and peanut butter so I could have breakfast with Jeremy. If you’re vegan, and have ever tried to eat in a hotel, you know exactly how grateful and excited I felt when they were willing to accommodate me.

After breakfast, we headed up to the roof deck to check out the view (and the pool).

We found the pool, then we found an astro turf yoga setup. Sadly, I’ll be busy getting my hair done for the Emmys during rooftop yoga tomorrow morning, but I spent a quiet moment or two enjoying the sun and the calm.

We grabbed our bathing suits and hit the pool. It was nice, even if it was filled with small French children. But, whoever thought it was a good idea to stain the wooden deck dark brown in sunny California needs a serious talking to. Every step from our chairs to the water was like walking on coals.

We spent just enough time on the roof to get slightly sunburned, then we went to the Imaginary Forces LA office for a toast to the Emmy nominees.

After spending a little time at IF, we met my friend Mary for dinner at Green Leaves in Los Feliz. If you’ve been following my adventures since the Portland trip, you won’t be surprised that, when I saw my chance to get my vegan massaman curry and tofu fix, I took it. The curry was rich and tasty, and the purple rice added a nice nutty flavor to the meal.

On our way out, the toilet seat cover dispenser told me that I was beautiful. Thanks, toilet seat cover dispenser!

After dinner, Jeremy and I took a walk around the neighborhood, where we discovered this “sandwiches” sign. We like sandwiches.

To round out the night, we stopped into Skylight Books, where I found my soul mate. Or, at the very least, a ridiculously dressed cat in a wig.

Tomorrow are the Emmys and the Creative Arts Ball, so I should really be in bed by now..


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