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Vegan Breakfast Power!

For me, breakfast is such an important meal that I sometimes eat it twice. (Seriously. If I go to the gym in the morning, I eat first breakfast when I wake up, then second breakfast before I head into the office.) Not only does eating breakfast kick start your metabolism for the day, if you have blood sugar problems like I do, a hearty start to the morning can also mean a less irritable, more focused you long into the afternoon.

Here are a few of my favorite breakfast recipes:

Vegan Breakfast Power! | Red-Handled Scissors

Banana Bread from the Post Punk Kitchen

My absolute favorite breakfast is Isa’s banana bread recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen. Make no mistake, this is a high calorie slice, but it really keeps me going until lunch, especially because I always use 100% whole wheat flour, and add half a cup each of chopped walnuts and dark chocolate chips to the batter. (To make it healthier, you can leave out the chocolate chips.)

Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie from Happy Herbivore

I made one of these smoothies every day during the Happy Herbivore 30 WHOLE Days challenge, and they never got old. You definitely won’t believe that there’s no sugar added.

Power Hungry Granola from My Sweet Vegan

Sadly, this recipe is from an “old fashioned” cookbook, so I can’t share a link. But, I can definitely say from experience that chowing down on this granola means that you’ll have energy to spare for the entire morning (which, to me, is more than worth the price of the book).

For many active vegan folks, I’m probably preaching to the choir about the wonders of breakfast. But, if you’re still on the breakfast fence, I’m willing to bet that at least one of these recipes can change your mind and have you wishing it was already morning.


  1. leinana says:

    We're on the same page here. I love pretty much anything banana and/or peanut butter for breakfast. Like the toast I had today with peanut butter, sliced banana, and a little drizzle of agave :)

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