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Air Plant Chandeliers Make Great Gifts

This weekend, I made two new air plant chandeliers–one for a friend’s birthday, one for me. For both, I used single glass containers, one from Salvation Army, and one from my collection of lab glass. (Thus far, I’ve only repurposed found or used containers for my chandeliers.) This time, when I went out to get an extra air plant for the project, the kind folks at Dig asked if they could take my number so they could call when the new shipment came in. Clearly, they know that I’m hooked! If you haven’t learned how to make one, go here.

This was the birthday gift. I got the container for $2 at Salvation Army, and didn’t really realize how cool it was until I got it home. It’s heavy, and reflects light in interesting ways.

This container came from my collection of lab glass (once upon a time, I used beakers as kitchen glasses). Because its lip isn’t well defined, it’s definitely harder to work with a beaker than a container with  more curves, but I think it looks pretty neat. I also used a slightly different method than usual for making the hook, twisting the wires before bending and securing it to the base.

This is the packaging I used for the chandelier I gave to my friend.

I also included some hand-embroidered catnip mousies for her kitties. (Tutorial here.)

The front of the card

The inside of the card

I can’t wait until the new shipment of plants arrives at Dig! I wonder if how many come in a box, and if I could manage to use them all… You don’t think that my husband would mind if I watered them in the bathtub, do you?

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