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Tutorial: Fabric Rosette Barrette | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Fabric Rosette Barrette

Do you have fabric scraps and 5 minutes? You can make your own rosette barrettes, no sewing machine (or fabric know-how) necessary! Moms out there, take note: These barrettes are so cheap and easy to make, it won’t matter if (okay, when) your darling kid loses them at the park. :) Supplies:* Fabric strips* Felt …

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Felt Rosettes vs. Hot Glue Phobia | Red-Handled Scissors

Felt Rosettes vs. Hot Glue Phobia

I have a confession to make: I am a very crafty girl who does not own a hot glue gun. I’m afraid of them, and I’d rather do just about anything other than work with molten glue. (You see, there was this traumatic incident when I was a little kid involving the back of my …

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