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Craft Tip: Use Binder Clips as Mini Clamps and Easels | Red-Handled Scissors

Craft Tip: Use Binder Clips as Mini Clamps and Easels

To keep small painting and decoupage projects evenly coated and free of smudges, use a medium-sized binder clip as a mini clamp and easel! The binder clip gives you a firm handle to grasp while doing detail work. Then, when you’re finished, it converts into an easel for easy drying. Bonus tip: If you’re working …

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Tutorial: Painted TARDIS Keys | Red-Handled Scissors

Tutorial: Painted TARDIS Keys

Turn your house keys into a geeky work of art with this Doctor Who-inspired painted TARDIS key tutorial! Painted keys are way more fun than plastic key identifier rings, and they’re a great way tell your keys apart without adding extra bulk. Alternately, if you’d rather make a version that’s more decorative than functional, you …

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Altoids Tin Watercolor Set | Red-Handled Scissors

Altoids Tin Watercolor Set

Inspired by the Watercolors To Go tutorial from One Golden Apple, I made Jeremy a portable watercolor set for his birthday. I wanted to make it as easy to take along as possible, so I used an Altoids tin for the container. I figure, at that size, he can always toss it in a bag …

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