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Altoids Tin Watercolor Set

Altoids Tin Watercolor Set | Red-Handled Scissors

Inspired by the Watercolors To Go tutorial from One Golden Apple, I made Jeremy a portable watercolor set for his birthday.

I wanted to make it as easy to take along as possible, so I used an Altoids tin for the container. I figure, at that size, he can always toss it in a bag or carry it around in his pocket.

I also added a mixing tray, made out of the bottom of a margarine container, that attaches to the lid with velcro, so it can be removed and washed after use.

I can’t wait to see what he paints!

Jeremy went to art school, so my expectations are pretty darn high. (No pressure, though, honey. )

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  1. Michelle says:

    I surfed in from your link on the original post that you got the idea from… love your interpretation.   I wanted to add that you could also use magnets to secure the plastic to the lid, that way it's more "washable" and doesn't stay wet like velcro might.  


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