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Sunday Snapshot: Perfect Summer Skirts

Sunday Snapshot: Perfect Summer Skirts | Red-Handled Scissors

When the weather gets warm, I’m definitely the kind of gal who prefers a comfy, breezy skirt to a pair of shorts. So, in preparation for another steamy Brooklyn summer, I decided to dedicate this past week to designing my ideal no-fuss summer skirt—with pockets, of course!

The skirt in today’s snapshot is a wearable muslin that I made using my basic elastic-waist skirt design, dressed up with a few running stitch stripes to give it some personality. (Alas, cotton muslin isn’t the most exciting of fabrics.) Over the next few days, I’ll be sewing a few more trial versions of the pattern—I’m still playing with the perfect pocket height—and then I’ve got a tutorial in the works for you guys in the coming week. (Hooray!)

Man, I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long, long time!

Who else is currently in SEW ALL OF THE SKIRTS mode?


  1. Lisa Clarke says:

    I am so with you! It’s perfect skirt weather in our area (I’m in NJ, so I think our days are pretty similar).

    I am actually in sew-all-the-dresses mode. I have a pattern for a simple sheath that is almost as easy as the elastic-waist skirts I usually make, so I’ve been doing a few of those for a change of pace this year.

    Looking forward to your tutorial – I never include pockets, and I often miss them :-)

    • Nice! I’ve had a go-to dress pattern for a while, but I recently realized that I was seriously lacking in the cute skirt department. I’m taking a self-imposed dress hiatus until my skirt problem is remedied. ;)

  2. Sam says:

    I LOVE Halloween fabric, and every year new and must-have prints come out. Since there’s not a whole lot you can do with it, other than tablecloths and aprons (and a jumper I once made), and since there’s so many different ones I always want but don’t have a big fabric budget and have to be relatively frugal, I usually buy just a yard of each and sew up an elastic waist skirt. I now have a pile of them in my closet that I keep adding to every year. A couple of years ago, I realized that, even if I wear them all through the month of October (with black or striped tights), it’s not enough, and I’d like to get more use out of them. They’re lightweight cotton so they’re perfect for summer use. I usually just wear the “spooky” prints (ie, bats, haunted houses with red and silver lightening streaks across the “sky”, a dark grey gingham with witches flying around the bottom hem, dancing skeletons, a coffin print, etc) and save the Jack-O-Lantern, and other more obvious Halloween symbols and colors for September through October.

    Your post has encouraged me to go pick up a couple of pieces of summery fabric (hope the fall fabric isn’t out yet or the summery fabric idea will go right out the window!), and sew up something different. I like pockets in everything (even have them in my pajamas) so I’m going to wait for your post to come out before I start sewing.

    Thanks for the incentive!

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