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Update your RSS Feeds! | Red-Handled Scissors

Update your RSS Feeds! | Red-Handled Scissors

The TZoM RSS feed is moving! Be a doll and update your RSS or email subscription?

I’m moving my feed from Feedburner to my WordPress RSS feed. If you’re currently subscribed to my blog, you’ll need to update your RSS feed or email subscription to continue receiving your regular doses of crafty goodness. (There will be about a month of overlap when both feeds will work, but I plan to discontinue my Feedburner feed by the end of April. If getting everything twice until then will drive you crazy, don’t forget to unsubscribe from the Feedburner feed/your old email subscription.)

The easiest way to update: Look for the “Subscribe by RSS” or “Subscribe by Email” buttons at the top of the sidebar. (See? Scroll to the top and they’re just to the left of this post.)

You can also use the following links:

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Update your RSS Feeds! | Red-Handled Scissors
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Subscribe to Blog via Email

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Why am I leaving Feedburner? After Google’s announcement this week that they’re discontinuing the Google Reader service, I’m guessing that Feedburner can’t be far behind. (Let’s be honest—Google hasn’t given Feedburner much attention since 2010.) For me, taking control of my own feed instead relying on a 3rd party provider makes the most sense, so I’ve decided to make the move now.

Thanks so much for updating! Please let me know if you have any issues.

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