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The Craft Book Stacks

This happy stack of craft books is on my desk, just waiting to be cracked open for upcoming projects and reviews!

Are any of them on your must-read list?


  1. Monica N says:

    I have the complete guide to needlework, got it at a garage sale for 50 cents! Great projects in there, is Noni flowers all paper? I want your stash, although my Martha Stewart encyclopedia of sewing and craft projects is pretty fun. And not that its a diy crafting book, but have you seen Indie Craft? Very cool projects from talented people.

  2. christine says:

    OOhhh. Emmm. Geee
    Drool worthy books for me: Burda Style, Bust DIY, I Spy DIY Style, and Mend it Better…. I have been looking for Burda Style at my local fabric stores but they don't have it…so I might have to get it online. However I'm sure that they're all great books to have in the crafty library!!


  3. slynn says:

    My grandmother gave me a copy of The Complete Guide to Needlework a few years ago. Her sewing and needlework have inspired me for years. It is definitely a classic and, thanks to Reader's Digest, a ubiquitous one!

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