Tutorial: Mini Dalek Brooch for FaveCrafts

Tutorial: Mini Dalek Brooch for FaveCrafts | The Zen of Making

You know how former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright used to use her brooch collection to express her moods and positions while she was in office? Well, I’d like think that my Doctor Who-inspired mini Dalek brooch would have fit right in on some of her more trying days. Check out this week’s FaveCrafts Geek Crafts column to see the full tutorial!

Geek Crafts: Mini Dalek Brooch Tutorial

You’ve arrived the Geek Crafts column, your weekly dose of geeky goodness with Haley Pierson-Cox from The Zen of Making!

Having one of those days? Add a little “EXTERMINATE!” to your step with a mini Dalek brooch, inspired by the cantankerous villain from Doctor Who!

Step 1: Using cardstock, make a Dalek template by cutting out a 3” tall triangle with a rounded top.

Step 2: Tape the template to a piece of brown shrink plastic, then cut around the template to make a shrink plastic Dalek shape. Smooth around the edges with sandpaper to remove any rough spots, then lightly sand the front and the back

Ready to make your own? Head over to FaveCrafts to see the complete how-to!


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