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Big Geeky Announcement: I’m Writing a Geek Crafts Column for FaveCrafts!

It’s no secret that, when it comes to crafting, I’m a spectacularly geeky gal. (Try to name a material that I haven’t turned into a TARDIS—I dare you!) So, when the fine folks at FaveCrafts offered me the opportunity to write a weekly geek crafts column, I jumped at the chance. Starting in March, I’ll be delivering a weekly dose of geeky goodness to FaveCrafts readers, including exclusive tutorials, roundups from around the crafty internet, themed posts, and more!

Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Downton Abbey are currently topping my geek love list, but I want to know what’s on yours! Unfurl your geek flag and let it fly, my friends: leave a comment below with your Mario cross-stitch patterns, Warhammer painting tips, links to your favorite geek crafts sites, and marriage proposals to Mulder and Skully!


  1. KirstynFisher says:

    Anything with zombies….
    The Walking Dead
    28 Days Later
    Shaun of the Dead (epic!)
    Dawn of the Dead
    Night of the Living Dead
    …I could go on but think this is enough for now, haven't seen much on the zombie crafts front, gap in the market??!!

  2. Seeneed says:

    I'm a big fan the perviously mentioned, Firefly, Star Trek, Babylon 5, IT Crowd, Battlestar Galatica, and Doctor Who (love me some David Tenet).  But I would like to add Eureka (so sad only one more season), Warehouse 13, and Sanctuary.

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